Cranberry Eggnog French Toast

Cranberry Eggnog French Toast | Fabtastic Eats Sweet and tangy meet with this eggnog french toast loaded with cranberry syrup! I have a serious issues with foods that don’t have enough texture to them. I hate things soggy and I hate anything lukewarm or cold. I’m totally a burn-the-rough-of-your-mouth-off kinda gal. I’m passing it onto my kids quite nicely. I knooow. I […] Read More! →

Chipotle Butternut Squash Alfredo

Chipotle Butternut Squash Alfredo | Fabtastic Eats Sweet, spicy, and tangy, this 30 minutes pasta dish is loaded with flavor and a perfect weeknight meal! Please tell me that we’re not over butternut squash yet, because I just don’t think that I can be. I love it to much. I’m still keeping a permanent stock of it in my pantry. I know […] Read More! →

Cranberry and Mixed Berry Pie

Cranberry and Mixed Berry Pie | Fabtastic Eats A combination of sweet and tart, this cranberry and mixed berry pie, is easy to put together, tasty, and sure to please! Can you believe we’re officially less than two weeks until Christmas? What the whaaaat?! why oh why does the best time of year have to fly by the quickest? slow your roll, time. […] Read More! →

Weekly Meal Plan!

Meal Plan! Hi friends…these meal plans have been pretty MIA the last couple of weeks, and I’m not sure they were that missed. I hate to say it, but maybe what we eat for dinner isn’t what others are looking for? Let me know in the comments below if these plans and suggestions are useful to anyone, […] Read More! →

Butternut Squash and Kale Beef Stew

Butternut Squash and Kale Beef Stew | Fabtastic Eats Butternut squash and fresh Kale adds a healthy and fabulous twist to comforting Beef Stew! With the majority of my days being filled with sweets and holiday baking, by the time dinner rolls around, I’m practically screaming ‘give me some salt!’ I’m pretty sure we eat more sugar in the month of December alone, than […] Read More! →

Roasted Garlic & Rosemary Artisan Bread

_MG_82382 Crusty, no-knead, artisan bread, flavored with fresh rosemary and buttery, roasted garlic! I finished 90% of my Christmas shopping this past weekend. Do you have any idea what an accomplishment that is for me? Considering last year, I did it all 2-3 days before Christmas. I’ve been a procrastinator pretty much my entire life..any time […] Read More! →

Toffee Nutella Cookies

Toffee Nutella Cookies | Fabtastic Eats Toffee, chocolate, & Nutella, make up these soft and chewy tasty cookies! I made Toffee Nutella Cookies, but do you know how long it took me to hop on the Nutella train? Scratch that, how long it took me to even try it? The train had left the station and had arrived in Biscoff land […] Read More! →

Happy Hour!

Happy Hour! Hiyah! How was your Thanksgiving weekend? Ours was wonderful, relaxing and indulgent! W got and decorated our tree and the rest of our home. This was the first year that we didn’t go to a tree farm and cut our own down..feels a little funny to break tradition sometimes. Then again, living cross country from […] Read More! →

Skillet Bacon and Roasted Garlic Mac and Cheese

Skilet Bacon and Roasted Garlic Mac and Cheese | Fabtastic Eats I’m super excited that today’s post is sponsored by one of my favorites, Pompeian. I’ve partnered with them to create this comforting, creamy, caramelly roasted garlic, bacon, and three cheese mac and cheese perfection! Is there anyone who doesn’t loooove mac and cheese? What about roasted garlic? It has to be, hands down, one of […] Read More! →