Three Cheese Pancetta Stuffed Pretzels

Three Cheese Pancetta Stuffed Pretzels | Fabtastic Eats Soft and warm, large pretzels, stuffed with three different cheeses and crispy pancetta are melt-in-your-mouth delicious! I’ve been super into reading lately, even more-so than usual, if that’s possible. But so much so that, by the time dinner rolls around, I don’t really want to cook, Id rather sit back with a good book and […] Read More! →

Weekly Meal Plan!

112   Hiii! Hows this meal planning thing working out for you? Are you using it, loving it, hating it? I want to know what you think and what kind of dinners you’re looking for! Here is the plan for next week! Hoisin Lime Pork Lettuce Wraps These are always a hit, we’ve had them lots […] Read More! →

Obsessing Over!

IMG_4979 trader joe’s cookie butter cups I bought these as a bribe to my kids, after a long, rainy, day of shopping, running errands, and them being super patient with me, when I told them we had one more store to go to, because mommy needed wine, and my three year old groaned, I said I […] Read More! →

Weekly Meal Plan!

meal Did you try any off of last weeks Meal Plan? The Thai Red Curry Beef was amazing! Tonight we’re having those Pot Roast Sandwiches-can’t wait! And here is the plan for next week! Butternut Squash & Alfredo Baked Shells I’m so smitten with the butternut ravioli from Trader Joe’s, so the second I saw these, […] Read More! →

Life Lately!

IMG_4879 WARNING: photo overload! -my husband and I got to go on a date for the second time this year! #movingproblems-asiago beignets. ’nuff said. -i took these, and covered them in ice cream & whipped cream & sprinkles, at 11pm. hell-o. -we visited dad at work. i went for the krispy kremes -best BEST apple fritter […] Read More! →

Polish Coffee Cake (my grandma’s recipe!)

Polish Coffee Cake | Fabtastic Eats A simple, yet mouthwatering yeast raised cake, with the most explosive amount of crumb topping! A recipe passed down through my family! Do you have a lot of family recipes that have been passed down? I don’t really have that many, not in my hands anyways. Probably because until we moved out to the west […] Read More! →