Hi! I’m Alaina, and this is my blog! Here you will find a good variety of things- from heavenly desserts, healthy recipes, weeknight dinners, football food, cocktails, and more! I love food and I LOVE being in the kitchen!

I’ve lived in New England most of my life, however we’re currently stationed out in Washington State, and we absolutely love it here!


We have two amazing little boys, who are 2 years and 8 months old. They’re growing wayyy to fast, and they melt my heart every single day. My 2 year old is to smart for his own good, (and mine) and my 8 month old isn’t far behind him. They’re the best ever.

IMG_55652 _MG_6044

I love ALL kinds of music, there isn’t much I hear that I don’t like..country is my current favorite though! And I love to dance! (Though not well) When my kids and I are having a tough day, we crank up the tunes and shake the frustrations out. It works. I promise..you’ll feel instantly happier!

I am completely self taught, and have never had any training. I have many kitchen successes, and probably close to an equal amount of failures..I learn a lot from those. I spend far to many hours scouring out other fabulous blogs! I love to cook, bake, EAT, and share it!

I will bring you recipes we’ve had in our family, as well as dishes, drinks, and desserts I create myself. If you love food, come back! It’s simple, its beautiful, its delectable, and most importantly, its Fabtastic!

Want to know more?! Check out 15 random things about me! Or check out the Our Life section!

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9 thoughts on “About

  1. this is so great! really amazing. I wish i could create some of these things. great idea, I’m so proud of you hot mommy :P.

  2. Your Fire Roasted Tomato Lime Salse is sooooo good. I was wondering if you have ever froze this. Would love to use my tomato from my garden.

  3. Be glad your fiancee does your dishes. I do my own.

  4. I like your blog. Good luck with the traveling. My husband is a retired Marine, and we spent 9 yrs in Japan. I would suggest that you edit your blog a bit better. You had several instances of using ‘to’ instead of ‘too'; which is distracting to readers.

  5. Great Blog! I love that you’re “Real”…..keep all the good recipes coming!

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