DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies!

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DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

Do you ever do Christmas crafts of DIY gifts? When I was younger, a lot younger, I used to get together with my mom and her best friend, who was an artist, and we’d make gifts every year for everyone! She was so creative, and every year it was so different and so incredible! When my mom pulls them out every season, it makes me smile.

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

Gifts, favors, trinkets, anything made at home, is so magical! Knowing that someone spent time on it is so special. Don’t get me wrong, I am incredibbbbly grateful for ALL of my gifts all year long, very, but there is just something different about homemade.

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

Every year I try to make at least 1-2 items myself. We always make huge cookie platters for everyone with a large variety of cookies and sweets, and that is always well received. Last year I made DIY coasters..bought the tiles from Lowe’s, printed black and white photos out on white tissue paper, and mod podged it together, with felt on the bottom. They came out so amazing that my mom won’t even use them for anything other than decoration!

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

This year, I’m decorating wine glasses in LOTS of different ways using Sharpies! Can I just tell you how much easier it is to use Sharpies than it is to use paint or other things? I’ve decorated wine glasses in the past, making them look like stained glass, but it was a lot messier and took a lot longer.

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

Today I’m showing you three different ways to decorate wine glasses using nothing but Sharpies, but I know there are TONS more ways you can decorate them! They have SO many colors, get creative! I bought the metallic pack at Staples for only $3.99! This came at the perfect time, while I’m staying with my mom..over the weekend, guests broke four wine is my way of replacing them for her with a little extra flair! 😉

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

First, wash your glasses really well, and make sure they are completely dry and free of any film before starting to draw on them,

For the first one, I wanted it to be gold. To me, there is nothing better than silver and gold during the holiday season. I went  and got the script, size, and font I wanted from a website, printed it off, taped it to the inside of the glass like a stencil and traced over it. (Here is the ‘Cheers!’ script and size that I used. I literally just printed off this webpage, cut the paper so it would fit in my glass, and taped it up.)

Once I removed the ‘stencil’ I smoothed out the edges with the gold marker and let it dry..which only takes seconds! (Great last minute gift!)

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

For a different design, I used the silver and bronze Sharpies, and just dotted away..I started by making a silver dot circle, took the bronze and made dotted lines as far down the glass as I wanted it, getting further apart towards the end, to make it kind of like ‘snow’, then I filled in the space with silver dotted lines, and did my best to line the spaced out dots with the bronze ones!

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

For the base ‘dipped’ wine glass, I used bronze and I just colored the bottom of the wine glass, and the top of the base, blending it well so it’s not streaky. Once dried, (only took seconds!) I took the silver sharpie and just drew snowflakes! If you’re a good artist you can get even more creative than me with your drawings!

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats

I had a hard time choosing my favorite one! I love them all for different reasons..they’re all so pretty! They’re excellent as gifts, OR, what I’m thinking of using them for is favors! If you have a Christmas Party or dinner party, decorate each wine glass separately for each guest using Sharpie’s instead of using wine glass charms, then at the end of the night, they can take them home as their favors!

DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies! | Fabtastic Eats Go visit Staples and pick up all the fun Sharpie colors and metallic’s for so many uses this holiday season! The super fun colored assorted pack up there..only $5.99 right now! Think of the crazy cool gift tags you could create! Check out this list of 34 Things you can do with Sharpie’s for inspiration!

Edited to add: Be sure to use Sharpies one inch down from the top of the rim so as not to interfere with your lips and food safety protocols.

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51 thoughts on “DIY Wine Glasses using Sharpies!

  1. What a neat idea. The glasses look beautiful and yet not that hard to design. I’ll have to give this a try.

    Thoughts in Progress

  2. Look how crafty you are missy! I’m impressed. Super cute.

  3. I really love this idea! Would they have to be hand washed?

  4. Was there any baking to seal in the marker?? I want to make something similar as a gift but I don’t want the marker to rub off.

    • I didn’t bake mine, and when we wash them, we’re pretty careful not to scrub the marker. I did read that baking them will seal them though..HERE is a little tutorial on baking them, it’s pretty straightforward..350 for 20 minutes, put them in as soon as you turn the oven on, and leave them in there 10 minutes after it’s shut off. Hope this helps!

      • Did you wait until the oven reached 350 and then put them in for 10 min? or put them in a cold oven, turn on oven to 350. and remove after 10 min, even if oven is not to temp? Thanks for this idea, I really want to make great NYE gifts!

        • so sorry it took me so long to respond, I took a mini vacation through the holidays. I didn’t bake my glasses at all. I hope yours turned out!

  5. Very nice! I never knew you could use sharpies on glasses!!

  6. so you can use reg sharpies for painting on wine glasses?
    I just read that you can bake them so can the glasses go in dishwasher
    I paint all my glasses so if I an use sharpies it sure will be easy
    Thanks Karen

  7. Sharan Z Jayne says:

    If i want to use the metallic Sharpies to write the name of the person using the wineglass, would i be able to remove the printing after the party? Either dishwasher or a cleanser?

    • I believe that rubbing alcohol is the easiest way to remove it, but I haven’t tried it! Let me know if you do and how it works! :)

      • Yes rubbing alcohol will easily remove sharpie from glass, if it has not been baked on.

        Those of you wanting a permanent design, I hope you have better luck than I did with that process. The glass I made went thru the dishwasher a couple of times and then the flowers disappeared from the design! I know I should have hand washed them, but I was trying to see what the limits were.

  8. Aaron Vooght says:

    Hi where did u get the pens From? Also does the ink wash Off? Xx

    • I bought the Sharpies from Staples! The ink washes off if you want it to by using rubbing alcohol. I wouldn’t run the glasses through the dishwasher, and would use warm water and soap to wash them normally.

  9. I have decided to start a personalized gift business. I’ve decided to tackle wine glasses first. Can I use the Sharpies with a stencil? I’m not very artistic but can trace just fine. Thanks.

    • yes! thats pretty much how I did this. I printed out the word and stuck it to the inside of the glass and traced it. If you read the post, I go into a little more detail!

  10. Your glasses are beautiful! If you are giving your glasses away or selling them do remind people to hand wash. Sharpie comes off over a short time if put in the dishwasher. Even if u bake it.

  11. Hiya, just wondering what font you used? And what size? X

    • oh no! I Wish I could remember, I just grabbed a free font offline and kept adjusting the size until it fit the way I wanted to on the glass. I tried it about 3 or 4 different times! So just experiment until it works for the glass you’re using! Hope this helps!

  12. Tashundra Roberts says:

    At what temperature do you bake the glass so the decorations stay on? Thanks

  13. Good look, wish you the best

  14. I did a glass for my best friend with the gold and silver. I baked it at 375, put it in right after I set the temp, baked it for 20mins and let it cool in the oven. The gold turned a weird shade but it was pretty and the silver turned into more of a dark grey. I washed the inside and stem but wanted to wait on the design to give it a chance to fully set.

    I gave her the glass at the start of her bridal shower the next day and the mintue her glass sweat a little all the sharpie came off!

    • I never baked my glasses, so I’m not sure how that would have affected it. But Im sorry that it chipped so quickly, I know over time if youre not gentle when you wash them, and try to wash around the marker, than it can fade, but without baking them, Ive never actually had any chip.

    • I am going to try this…..but….my very first suggestion is to WAIT 24 hours BEFORE baking them……just like the GLASS PAINT directions on the Enamel paint bottles tell you to do….I am going to test all of this and see what happens…..painting, cooking, dishwasher etc…to see if I can make this work a little better.

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  16. This is such a fantastic idea for Chirstmas! And it looks super easy! I’m definitely going to be creating some cute designs for unique and inexpensive Christmas gifts :)

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  19. I finished my Bridesmaids wine glasses and wrote with a black sharpie BRIDESMAID on the bottom. Took clear glass paint and painted whole glass, baked it in the over. I waited two days, then hand washed with soap and water…GREAT results, nothing came off, neither the paint or sharpie scrolling.

  20. I think this is a great idea…. so did you bake them or not.. do you have to bake them? and even witht he painted one… handwashing is the only way to wash them.. so i assume it is the same for this also???

    thanks a bunch!!!

  21. Scarlett Anderton says:

    Using this for inspiration for my scout group (not wine glasses obviously)
    thanks for the inspiration :)xx

  22. I would highly suggest baking them if you want them to last. I did gold dots and the first time I carefully hand washed them (without even touching the design) the dots moved all around when I left it on the drying rack. I painted glasses in the past with a Lilly Pulitzer pattern and they have not lost any paint at all.

  23. If you use sharpie paint markers it will come out much more opaque and if you bake metallic gold sharpie on ceramic or glass, it will turn matte gray. If you want to bake a metallic sharpie you have to buy the sharpie metallic PAINT markers. Just to answer someones comment regarding the color changing. I’d hate to see someone work so hard on something only for it to get ruined in the baking process (I’ve learned from experience). The metallic paint markers do not change color while baking, I promise! :)

  24. […] following the tutorial at FABTASTIC LIFE you’ll be able to make beautiful custom decorated wine glasses for your own holiday table, or […]

  25. […] following the tutorial at FABTASTIC LIFE you’ll be able to make beautiful custom decorated wine glasses for your own holiday table, or […]

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