Saturday Favorites

This was supposed to come out yesterday… I worked Thursday night after being awake for far to long..I barely made it through the night awake, so when I got home Friday morning, there was no time for blogging, I crashed hard..If I didn’t have a little babe to wake up to I probably would have slept through until today. Sometimes I really hate working overnights…anyhoo!

I’m switching things up slightly this “Friday” Favorites posts wont be all about food! I need to include a little more humor and fabulousness to these posts! 😉 Have a great weekend everyone! Happy April Fools! 😛

Favorite Sip…Lets start with a drink..because seriously..its Friday, we could all use one! The Corona-ritas…and what is completely fitting..this blog is called The Exhausted Mom..hardy har..that’s totally how I feel today!

Favorite Must Have..The Cuppow…since Mason jars are all the rage right now..this is so mart!!

Favorite Funny…hahha I love all the Ryan Gosling Funnies

Favorite Fashion…these heels..I want them, I need them. SO HOT.

Favorite Easter Deco…super cute centerpiece! In my opinion a MUCH better use for peeps!

Favorite Genius…growing green onions from their stems, in a water glass. You throw away the whites to the green onions every time…not anymore!

Favorite DIY…homemade lipgloss…YUM!!

Favorite Motivation….this is what I tell myself when it seems impossible to put my feet in front of each other..

Favorite Springtime Treat…Summer Berry Sweet Pizza…yummy yum yum yum!

Any fun plans this weekend?!


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